Through the Great Healers like Dr. Sebi and Professor Ehret, we at Rajah Herbal Remedies have been inspired. First to cleanse and detoxify our own bodies, & now to reach out and to assist you in your cleansing and detoxification process. With the proper herbs and research to do so.  Healing can be a dark and difficult process. That's part of the dualistic nature of this experience. What feels good immediately will usually end up making you feel worse in the long run. What is hard at first, usually makes your life easier later.  Everything has a give and take. An inhale and exhale.  Healing is not simply about getting your body right. To get your body into a damaged state,  your mind had to be there first.  You will find on your journey that this process is a physical, mental, and spiritual one. Small things change all things.   

    We offer assistance with your healing and detoxification process in two ways. We have our online marketplace where you can order our organic, alkaline and electric herbs. Which are truly as Dr. Sebi put it, "cell food". In addition, we have a consultation service where you can personally chat with Raj through your preferred medium (phone call, Skype, etc) for the reasonable price of $47 an hour. This of course won't be medical advice, and we won't be diagnosing you, nor will we be prescribing anything. Our consultations are purely us sharing our experience & research in which you can then apply in your own way. Simply follow the CONTACT tab and leave a message on our website, or a give us call/text explaining that you would like to set up a session. We look forward to creating a mutually beneficial relationship with you. Peace & B47ANCE.